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Eating for your gut and mindful festive feasting: Interview with Marlien Wright 
Rialheim Marlien Wright

Marlien Wright is an avid yogi, nutrition coach, food writer and mother of two. She launched her first cookbook The Yoga Kitchen: 100 Easy Superfood Recipes in 2016 and has recently launched her second wellness orientated cookbook, The Mandala Kitchen: 100 recipes to heal and restore the gut. This is the second time that Marlien has collaborated with Rialheim in her books using our bespoke serveware for styling and serving. We recently met with Marlien to discuss her latest book and what’s to come.

 Congratulations on launching your second cookbook, tell us a bit more about the book.

Thank you, my second book, The Mandala Kitchen focuses on eating for your best Gut Health. Good gut health translates into a strong immune system, natural weight management, better mood and reduced inflammation.


What's your favourite recipe from the book?

That’s a devious question and very difficult to answer, but I can nominate the Sesame & Miso Chicken – which is definitely a crowd pleaser, as well as the Chocolate Pots which is pure yumminess - minus the guilt.


This is the second time that you have worked with Rialheim for your cookbooks, what’s the relationship been like and why do you enjoy working with our products? 

I absolutely love working with Rialheim, the ceramics inspire me to create beautiful dishes and they are so wonderfully unique, cheeky and beautiful. I also love the Rialheim team and their philosophy of collaboration and bravery. I am very proud to have a relationship with Rialheim and look forward to celebrating their delightful pieces in the future, I just know when I see a new collection from Rialheim it will put a huge grin on my face.


When you’re not cooking up recipes for a new cookbook, you’re also a busy yoga teacher and nutritional coach. How do you strike a balance and what can we expect to see from you next year? Any new projects you would like to share? 

I am a mom of two little girls which keeps me very busy, but when there is time, I enjoy reading, knitting, photography, walking or hiking. I am always working towards simplifying my life, and finding joy in the everyday rituals and simplicity, it is my greatest challenge! With that in mind it has inspired me to dedicate my 3rd cookbook to really simple nourishing meals as well as the therapeutic, mindful and zen aspect of cooking and eating.


What’s your ultimate comfort food?

I love potatoes, and after years of them getting a bad rap, we now know that they are actually fabulous gut health food, especially once cooked and cooled – potato salad here we come! I really love a baked potato, served with a homemade slaw…or homemade stews, they speak to me!


The festive season is notorious for over indulging - what are your tips for feasting without putting on the kilos? Whats your favourite Christmas dish? 

Well my best piece of advice would be to follow a Mediterranean approach to the big Christmas lunch, start with a salad, then a vegan dish such as stuffed mushrooms, then the main course of either roasted Turkey, Lamb and/ or pasture fed Ham or a vegetarian main such as , and then fishing off with a desert, give yourself a good 45 min between each course and choose organic & pasture fed only – always strive for quality above quantity. My favourite Christmas dish is roasted Brussels Sprouts dressed with a sprinkling of Pecorino cheese, olive oil, lemon juice and sundried onions…so yummy

 One quote to live by? 

“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.” Thich Nhat Hahn – to me this translates into shifting my focus away from my own issues and worries and directing it towards they only thing that really matters…our relationships with our loved ones. Namaste!


Where can people buy the book?

The Mandala Kitchen is available from all major book stores such as Exclusive Books, as well as online retailers &


We’re giving away 6 copies of The Mandala Kitchen

We’re giving away 6 copies of The Mandala Kitchen

Win with Rialheim & Marlien Wright

To celebrate the launch of The Mandala Kitchen and our 6th birthday, we’ll be giving away six copies of Marlien’s latest cookbook. To enter, simply answer the question below and leave your details for a chance to win. Winners announced on 14/01/2019.

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