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Banana Flour Pancakes by Marlien Wright

Seves 2-4

Brunchtime goals

Brunchtime goals

Kids love these and you can feel quite smug when another wheat-free meal has been served to your family. Bananas are rich in inulin, a resistant starch that travels all the way to the large intestine where it becomes food for your good bacteria.


3⁄4 cup banana flour
2 eggs
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
salt to taste
50 ml of A2 milk, water or a milk substitute like coconut/almond or rice milk
ghee or coconut oil


Simply add all the ingredients, except the ghee/coconut oil, to a mixing bowl and beat well until you have a smooth consistency.

Then scoop/pour the batter into a hot pan that has been coated with a ghee/coconut oil. The size of each pancake should more or less resemble that of an American pancake, or ‘crumpet’.

Wait for small bubbles to appear on the surface before turning over, aiming for an attractive golden appearance and then serve with your choice of topping.

Note: Top with fresh berries/bananas, yoghurt and raw honey. For a more savoury option try streaky bacon with some real maple syrup

Recipe courtesy of Marlien Wright and extracted from her latest cookbook, The Mandala Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Heal and Restore Your Gut. Win one of six copies of this cookbook with Rialheim this month. Click below to enter.