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5 Tips for looking after your succulents

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by Simone Cleary

The Rialheim Pig Bowl in Splatter White styled by Little Succulent Co.

The Rialheim Pig Bowl in Splatter White styled by Little Succulent Co.

Little Succulent Co. started a year ago when my hobby of growing and planting succulents turned in to a small business making succulent arrangements from my home with the help from my three little girls.

Why succulents?

1.) They are super trendy.

2.) They are low maintenance and easy to care for.

3.) They look good all year round.

4.) Whether you are a green thumb or a novice gardener succulents are one of the easiest plants to care for.

5.) There are many different varieties which make for lovely succulent arrangements.

Top tips for looking after your succulents

1.) It is important that Succulents are planted in the correct soil to ensure their survival and healthy growth. The perfect combination of organic soil, pumice and sand making it well draining like Succulents need.

2.) Succulents require lots of drainage as they don’t like too much water or they may rot.

3.) Succulents are easy pleased house guests and survive indoors thanks to their special adaptations; fleshy leaves, thick stems and enlarged roots that allow plants to hoard water.

4.) When it comes to watering ‘Less is always more’. Supply your plant with a generous amount of water once a fortnight. I always recommend to gently touch the soil and if you feel it is dry then it needs a generous shower of water. If it is still moist from it’s last water. Check it again in a couple of days.

5.) Succulents love lots of sunshine to ensure they remain healthy and their colour vibrant. Succulents can be kept indoors but they require a well lit position. It’s encouraged that they are taken outdoors on sunny days.

Bespoke Succulent planters have such impact and wow factor and they make for the perfect centrepiece indoors and outdoors.